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Letters of Support


TASCforce is encouraging potential trail users of the Veterans Trail to write Letters of Support.  The letters should be sent to Metro RTA and Summit Metro Parks.  The names and addresses are listed below.  Please also copy TASCforce by email to the addresses below.

Some suggested themes for the Letters of Support might include:

  1. Describing how such a multi-purpose trail would benefit you and your community

  2. Encouraging Metro RTA to seek approval for allowing the entire right of way to be developed as a Multi-Purpose path on the rail bed

  3. Encouraging Metro RTA to then lease the entire right of way to Summit Metro Parks

  4. Encouraging Summit Metro Parks to design, seek funding, build, operate and maintain the entire right of way as a multi-purpose trail

  5. Describing how you and/or your community might be willing to support this project.


TASCforce thanks you for any assistance your community can provide in this initiative.


              Ron Brubaker

              TASCforce Co-Director




              Bill Sepe

               TASCforce Co-Director



     Metro RTA Contact Information:                                     

          Metro RTA

          416 Kenmore Blvd

          Akron, Ohio  44301

          Attn Dawn Distler, Executive Director


     Summit Metro Parks Contact Information:

          Summit Metro Parks

          975 Treaty Line Road

          Akron, Ohio  44313

          Attn Lisa M. King, Executive Director


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