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The following is the list of letters of support for the Veterans Trail project collected by TASCforce as of 12-05-21:


  1. Letter from Mayor Don Walters from Cuyahoga Falls dated 11-21-19

  2. Letter from Mayor John Pribonic from Stow dated 01-28-20

  3. Letter from Mayor Bernie Hovey from Silver Lake dated 02-02-20

  4. Letter from 2 Hudson Council reps dated 06-30-20

  5. Letter from 3 Hudson Council reps circa 07-27-20

  6. Letter from Ohio Rep Casey Weinstein dated 08-24-20

  7. Letter from Ohio Senator Kristina Roegner dated 09-10-20

  8. Email from USAF Veteran Curtis Neal dated 10-15-20

  9. Email opposing rail from Ron Ring Director of Akron Bike Club dated 12-12-20

  10. Letter opposing rail from Mayor Bernie Hovey dated 12-22-20

  11. Letter opposing rail from Stow resident Jeffery Jones dated 12-30-20

  12. Letter opposing rail from full Hudson City Council dated 01-12-21

  13. Letter opposing rail from Willows of Hudson Homeowners Association dated 03-16-21

  14. Resolution 2021-38 passed unanimously by Stow City Council dated 03-18-21

  15. Letter from Stow Mayor Pribonic to Hudson City Manager Howington dated 04-21-21

  16. Letter from Rotary Club of Akron dated 04-25-21

  17. Letter from Rotary Club of Hudson dated 04-30-21

  18. Letter from Rotary Club of Hudson Clocktower dated 05-10-21

  19. Resolution 21-59 passed unanimously by Hudson City Council dated 05-18-21

  20. Letter from Akron Metropolitan Transportation Study (AMATS) dated 05-18-21

  21. Letter from Western Reserve Land Conservancy dated 06-02-21

  22. Letter from Akron Office of Integrated Development dated 06-10-21

  23. Resolution B-60 passed unanimously by Cuyahoga Falls City Council dated 07-26-21

  24. Letter of Support from Northampton Cuyahoga Valley Rotary on 08-27-21

  25. Resolution 55-2021 passed unanimously by Silver Lake Village Council on 10-04-21

  26. Letter from The Kames Homeowners Association in Stow dated 11-30-21


Plus, there have been 409 individual trail enthusiasts who have signed up on the TASCforce website.

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